URL Opener for Multiple and Bulk URLs

Levi Olmstead
Levi Olmstead  |  July 10, 2018

How to use the URL opener

Paste in a list of URLs, click "Submit," and our URL opener will automatically open all URLs. Get started below, just paste and submit.

Tip: Make sure to separate the URLs with a comma or /enter to the next line. If you experience problems, be sure to disable your popup blocker and make sure there are not line gaps between URLs.


What is the URL opener?

The URL opener is a simple tool that allows SEO professionals, list builders, researchers, and others the ability to bulk open URLs automatically, boosting productivity. Simply copy and paste the URLs into the field above, hit enter, and the tool works its magic.

What are common use cases for the URL opener?

Common use cases include:

  • SEO professionals who need to audit a list of URLs, find bad links, and more.
  • Backlink building teams who have target lists of URLs that contacts need to be pulled for.
  • Researchers who have lists of web pages to dissect.

Why we made the multiple URL opener

Our SEO and content teams were manually opening hundreds of URLs for auditing backlinks, anchor texts, and more. After becoming more productive by using alternative URL openers on sketchy or unsafe sites, we decided to build on our internal URL opener. Now we're publishing it for the rest of internet community to leverage.

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Levi Olmstead

Levi Olmstead

Levi is the Manager of Community and SEO who came to G2 Crowd in 2015 after graduating from Indiana University's Telecommunication's Department. Aside from rooting on his Hoosiers, you can find Levi at an IndyCar race, re-watching King of the Hill reruns, spending hours on paranormal websites and helping his dog Frodo on his quest to destroy the ring.