7 Best Single Sign On Solutions for Enterprise in 2019

Levi Olmstead
Levi Olmstead  |  October 23, 2017

So you think your enterprise team needs a single sign on solution. But first, what is SSO compared to other popular identity management tools such as federated identity management or password management?

What is a single-sign on provider?

A single-sign on, or SSO, allows professionals to use one single login and password (or other means of authentication, such as a smart card) across an organization to access many different systems.

Federated identity management is similar, but slightly different. This allows for a single sign on solution but for multiple organizations or enterprises.

General password manager tools that allows users to store their passwords in a password bank that automatically signs into different systems for them. A password management tool gives users the ability to have a master password and stay up to date on the most secure general password protection practices.

Many times, the types of organizations that are looking to implement an SSO solution are enterprise companies. Enterprises have multiple systems but have a much more focused IT department on overall security.

If it’s time for your enterprise to look for a single sign on tool, we’ve put together seven best SSO solutions ranked based upon real-user satisfaction. Below is a graph featuring sign sign on products based on Usability.

best-single-sign-on-solution(A product's Usability score is calculated by a proprietary algorithm that factors in real-user satisfaction ratings for a number of use-related review questions.)

What are the best single-sign on solutions in 2019?

Here is a more in-depth look at the 7 single sign on solutions for enterprise based on real-user reviews in 2019

1. Okta

Okta acts as more than just a single sign on solution, but it’s a great tool for SSO nonetheless. It has the most SSO reviews of any product in the category, and recently filed its IPO. Users called out multiple features they enjoy about the product, but the two that stand out are Okta’s straightforward and flexible use, as well as its two-factor authentication. Additionally, Okta is overwhelmingly used by enterprise users, with only six Okta reviews coming from small businesses with fewer than 50 employees.

2. Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Azure Active Directory also has more identity management features than just single sign on, but many users implement Azure Active Directory for its SSO features only. As a Microsoft tool, it has easy integrations and capabilities interacting with other Microsoft SaaS products, including the Office 365 suite. Many users stated the simple integration between 365 and Azure Active Directory as their favorite feature of the tool. Like Okta, Microsoft’s SSO tool is enterprise-focused, with over half of its reviewers coming from employees at companies larger than 1,000 people.

3. Salesforce Platform: Authenticator

Salesforce Platform: Authenticator is the two-step authentication and SSO tool from Salesforce. Like Microsoft’s offering, Authenticator easily syncs with all of Salesforce’s apps including the ever-popular Salesforce CRM. Users also talked about the added security that comes with Salesforce’s Authenticator, saying that while it is heavy, it is also flexible and gives a high level of security and control. The SSO tool is also one of the only single sign on solutions that has a majority of reviewers from small businesses, with over half coming from companies with fewer than 50 employees.

4. CA Single Sign-On

CA Single Sign-On is the single sign on tool from CA Technologies, also known as SiteMinder. Like both Salesforce and Microsoft’s SSO solution, CA’s tool allows for easy integration with the suite of other CA products a company is using. Users also praised the ability to use social media login credentials for a single sign on for other applications. All but two reviews come from enterprise companies with more than 1,000 employees, showing that CA Single Sign-On SiteMinder is a great choice for enterprise users.

5. Meldium

Meldium has features in simple password management for businesses, but also has SSO solutions. Unlike the enterprise companies on this list, Meldium targets smaller businesses. While it may not be the typical enterprise solution, its small-business users love the product’s ability to share login credentials across team members, as well as the product’s simple UI.

6. AuthAnvil

AuthAnvil from Kaseya acts a little differently that the other SSO solutions on this list. Without being an enterprise company itself, Kaseya’s AuthAnvil focuses on being a single sign on provider to other small businesses. Users cite the SSO tool’s security features that provide token passwords to its clients and users as super easy to use without sacrificing security.

7. CloudEntr

CloudEntr is the SSO product on this list with the smallest market presence. At only six reviews, it’s the least-reviewed tool of any SSO product mentioned. However, out of those six reviews, they have all been perfect 5-star reviews. Those users point to the product’s reliability and ease of use, as well as a simple but secure login automation. Users say it is a great SSO solution for managing dozens of web-based applications for multiple team members.

Next steps choosing an SSO provider

There are over 79 SSO providers listed on G2, but also many other similar password protection and organization tools.

If your team needs an SSO solution, learn more about all other identity management software solutions on G2 Crowd.

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