The Benefits of Integrating Your CPQ and CRM

Tom Hardin
Tom Hardin  |  October 20, 2017

CPQ software can be hugely beneficial to a sales team.

The beginning of the sales cycle can become more efficient by automating some of the functions within the quoting and proposal process. CPQ software also increases the speed and accuracy of quotes, allowing customers to better understand pricing options and available inventory.

However, if you can’t utilize customer data or communicate a CPQ tool’s benefits to the customer, it is not of much use to your business.

That’s where CRM software, also known as a customer relationship management system, comes in.

Customer relationship management systems are a hub for all communication between a sales team and its customers — they help track interactions, identify and manage leads and store customer information. By integrating your CPQ and CRM systems, you can give sales reps more ammo (data) from your CRM in order to use a CPQ tool to its max potential.

Integrating CPQ and CRM

A CRM integration with a CPQ tool allows salespeople to easily work with a customer to get an accurate, custom quote, while also tracking each customer interaction and storing it in a central location.

Many CPQ systems that sync up with CRM products also allow you to manage all dealings with a customer in the same system. This can lead to less human error because all sales tasks are being completed within one unified system. Since you’ll only be signing into one program to perform both CRM and CPQ functions, you’ll reduce the risk of entering duplicate customer data and letting leads fall through the cracks.

A CPQ integration with your CRM can also dramatically improve the sales workflow. One major benefit is that it helps shorten sales cycles. With this integration, sales reps can generate a proposal and pull a customer’s contact information from the same place — this results in less time on administrative tasks and more time providing the customer with a quality experience.

What Users Are Saying

After looking through the reviews of CPQ tools on G2 Crowd, it’s pretty clear that people understand the power of a CRM integration. Listed below are reviews that highlight some of the benefits users experienced with a connected CPQ and CRM solution, as well as the importance placed on a quality CRM integration.

The integration with our CRM is wonderful, quick and easy. Our implementation coordinator was timely and actually ended up having up remind of us of deadlines. We went to the first bootcamp and really learned a lot. I look forward to going to back in the future.” — ConnectWise Sell review, 6/19/17

CPQ allows us to model our propositions and guide our sales people through the process of creating a quote. It links in well with CRM and feeds through to the pipeline.” — Cincom CPQ review, 6/6/17

The most important part of the process is to create the content library and the templates before sending the sales reps into it. Otherwise they'll sing in and won't know what to do. That was important for me during the on-boarding. Additionally don't forget to integrate it to other tools like your CRM.” — PandaDoc review, 3/1/17

These reviews point to these specific ConnectWise Sell and Cincom CPQ users experiencing benefits from a CPQ and CRM linkup, including pain-free implementation and a better sales process.

The review of PandaDoc digs into what was explained earlier: If you can’t properly use customer data and communicate the benefits of a CPQ tool to the customer, it is not of much use to your sales team or your business.

CPQ and CRM solutions, when properly integrated and implemented, can give your sales department a significant boost. The stronger the link between the two, the more efficient and effective your sales team can become.

Tom Hardin

Tom Hardin